Home business, home education and health challenges: what makes us tic?

Hormones? Attack?!

Well, shamefacedly I must admit that it’s That Time of the Month. I know I have BAD PMS, and it has been known to make me hormonal, irrational and just plain EVIL. So perhaps it’s time to take a big step back, and evaluate whether Mr Wonderful is really as mean and nasty as I’ve made out recently, or if he’s been tired and stressed and I’ve been uncharitable.

14 happy years of marriage with intermittent weeks of frustration and murderous thoughts make me think the latter …

Now that It’s Here, I feel calm, content and, frankly, happy. Poor bloke.

Also, this week our family takes responsibility for our Church for three months while our pastor is on furlough. Perhaps Satan takes offence at that and is trying to get in the way of our success as a family? It certainly wouldn’t be the first time!

So, I sat DH down and explained that I’d like to split the responsibilities more fairly, so that I don’t drop so many balls and get so frustrated. You know what he said? “Sure thing, I’d love to be more part of this family, and it helps to know what you need.”


And you know else? He’s actually doing it!

Gotta love that.

(Oh – and, my bad).


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