Home business, home education and health challenges: what makes us tic?

As the hormones simmer down and things around here get organised and back to semi-normal, a routine is developing (another one!). The house is staying relatively organised and I am staying relatively busy. I have been practising and honing the skills I acquired during the two years I spent in advertising, to create and market two websites online. More on that to come. It’s fairly new and largely pro bono, but I get the opportunity to distill everything I’ve learned, understand it, and put it into practise. And it may just work.

If it doesn’t, no one’s lost very much and I have learned some more. But I’m hoping it’ll be awesome.

On the job-hunt-front I have put all my eggs into two baskets, and I realised today that this is, perhaps, naive. The way it happened was thus: on Saturday evening my sister’s car broke down on her way home from work. It’s been threatening to do so for a very long time, but since she doesn’t have the money even to license it adequately, she certainly doesn’t have the money to service or repair it. And until now, that’s been ok.

No longer so.

It has now become apparent that she should find a better job. One with:

  • A regular income;
  • An income she can live on;
  • Humane working hours; and
  • Growth prospects.
So the hunt began today, but more on that to follow.
My DH rescued her and took her home, and the next day (which was a Sunday – see point 3 above), we took her to work. On the way there, our car broke down.
Now, I’m sure you see the humour in this situation as plainly as I do – now. However, yesterday? Not so much. The timing could hardly have been worse (nor more ironic), but the Good Thing that came out of it was that I realised, with stunning force, just how badly I NEED a job. I’ve been toying with the idea of sticking with the freelance thing, helping DH with his Ventures, and generally Making a Go of It All. Thanks, Reality, for the sorely needed wake up call!
Back to my Female Sibling Unit (aka FSU, aka Sister): today (her day off), I dragged her to the nearest Internet, bought her a jobmail, and set her to work job hunting. In the process, I found a number of jobs that I should apply for, and I fully intend to do so – tonight or, at the latest, tomorrow morning.
In the meantime I have two websites to awesomise. Wish me luck!

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