Home business, home education and health challenges: what makes us tic?

Another busy weekend. We haven’t stopped, and the pouring rain hasn’t helped, either. DH is still under the weather, but thanks to the awesome GNLD vitamins the girls and I are taking, we’re ok. (Normally it’s the other way around!) He will insist on only taking one a day, whereas the rest of us take as many as we need to stay well.

Anyhoo, today it’s his birthday. We were supposed to be going to Nottingham Rd after Church for baby cousin’s fourth birthday (already!) but between the rain and the flu and the realisation that we’d only get there after 1pm, only to have to turn around and come back an hour later, we decided to stay in. I’d baked macaroons (remember I raved about those in May?) to take along, and we had a chocolate cake and crisps. So we improvised a little birthday party, with candles and singing and cake and crisps, and even a present (a Sharks jersey, of course!).

Then we all huddled under a blanket and watched massive amounts of TV. It was awesome.

Happy Birthday, my love.


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