Home business, home education and health challenges: what makes us tic?

Big Day.

It’s official: We’re home schooling. Yay! I know that when I first spoke about I was somewhat despondent (to say the least). But since then we’ve had two weeks to talk about it seriously, and now I’m really keen.

My friends who already home school are being super-supportive, and actually everyone else is, too. I suppose because they understand our position to some extent. And yes, money is a big factor. There are many others, too, though. I’m still getting my head around it and not really sure where we’re going or what I’m doing or why (in detail), but to start with, here’s the thing: at the moment we spend around 3-5 hours with the kids each day. These hours revolve around getting the girls dressed, fed, clean and to school (about 2 hours), getting them home, clean, fed and up-to-date with homework (about 2 hours), and getting them into bed (about half an hour). I try to read them a story every night, though usually I choose the shortest, easiest thing I can find. Not good enough, I know, but I’m EXHAUSTED. (Or I was, before I started taking Tre En En. Now I read cool books, like Toad Rage and the Animal Ark books – a few chapters each night).

Last week I went to see ACE (Accelerated Christian Education) to find out more about what they offer and how it all works, and I was very impressed. I think we’ll use their system since there’s no prep required: I just give the girls the work books and let them get on with it. We all sit together at a long desk and work on our various things. I’ve been given the assessment books for each of them, to see where we should start in our school journey, so we’ll see what the results of that turn out to be.

The girls are delighted. They’ve been asking to be home schooled for ages. I wonder how long that will last?


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