August has been a very busy month. In fact, as you may have noticed, I have hardly posted since I went for my interview at Higbury. Bad blogger! SO much has happened since then that I hardly know where to start.

First of all – my sister got a new job! (Remember how I said she needed one?) I am SO excited because:

a) It’s in publishing – her real, true passion;

b) It’s down the road from her house so she can easily walk to work if she wants to (which she loves to do);

c) It has HUMAN working hours so she can actually have a life – yay!; and

d) The take home pay is roughly DOUBLE her previous salary – awesome, right!?

But the main reason I’m excited is that I found it, sent the CV, took her to the interview and all-round got her the job. That’s gotta be worth some big sister points, surely?

Another thing that happened is that I got my second GNLD cheque. Go me! And I now have 2 distributors in my team (one is my aforementioned sister).

I have a new retainer client and a steadily-growing stream of ad hoc work.

And then the Big News. We started home schooling the girls. Actually I need a whole post about that on it’s own … perhaps tomorrow.

And finally, today I heard, at last, that I got the job from Highbury. *Sigh*. I can’t take it. Besides the fact that I’d have to be there by 7:20 every day, and I can only drop my kids off at school at 7:15 (I’d never make it there in 5 mins in rush hour traffic, and if DH dropped me off, the girls would be late for school each day), the gross salary is less than what I currently net. And if I can’t make ends meet on this, I definitely couldn’t make ends meet on less, even if it IS more stable.

Plus, I want to focus on GNLD, and that job leaves no time for that.

Plus plus, I’m homeschooling my kids now. Did I mention?

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