Home business, home education and health challenges: what makes us tic?

Home school: week 1

Some week, let me tell you. For starters, DD#2 whizzed through her ACE assessment at lightning speed. I actually can’t keep up with that chick. Since then, I’ve downloaded some pretty useful stuff from the Internet to keep her busy. I also bought her the most delightful Maths book where Maths is taught using Tinkerbell and co. She LOVES it but unfortunately (for me), she’s a genius and is racing through that, too.

DD#1 is having a harder time of it. The ACE assessment books don’t hold her attention and of course, a large part of why I home school is because I don’t want my children on Ritalin. Without Ritalin, she can’t focus as easily, and this is causing her  a lot of stress. In fact, every time she sits at her desk she hyperventilates and starts to cry. She insists that she can’t finish her work in time, even though I keep pointing out that a) this is an assessment so it’s okay to get things wrong – that helps me know what to focus on with her. b) In time for what? There aren’t constraints, so she can go at her own pace.

I found a picture she’d drawn in one of her books of herself as a magnet, pushing away the cleverness and attracting the “dumbness” as she called it. It’s a very good drawing and heartbreaking that she should feel this way. I’ll tell you one thing, this is why I’m home schooling. A depressed 9-year-old? I don’t think that’s cool. Not at all.

I’m starting to be a little unsure of ACE as a curriculum. It seems a little light. I know I’m new to this, and I do like the ease it offers, but I just don’t feel sure if I’ve done the right thing here.

One cool thing: the money I’ve earned from GNLD has paid for the home schooling so far, in full. Yay!



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