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School fun

DD#1 continues to battle with the whole concept of “at your own pace”, still freaking out at the sight of a desk. So we’re trying learning alternatives.  We’re doing a fun school thing today: listen to a story, act it out, draw it. DD#1 was the cat, of course. There were fairies in the story, but DD#2 chose to be the cat’s owner (rather out of character), and chased the fairies away when she arrived. I LOVE the Shirley Barber books. The stories are sweet and gentle and the illustrations are phenomenal. The story the girls were acting out was one that they played from a “Listen-and-Read” CD that came with one of their Shirley Barber books.

They really make me laugh, those two. They captured a mermaid (Barbie with a tail), hung her upside down and said, “how do you like life as a merprisioner?”


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