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Home school: week 2

This week has gone a little better, although, not so much. Hmm … I forgot to mention that last week we took the girls to the Museum of Natural Science in Durban. We completely failed to remember that we’re in the middle of a municipal workers’ strike, and so we ended up being RIGHT in the middle of a municipal workers’ strike. Fun. But educational, and we were actually very safe. There were police everywhere, which helped.

An unfortunate side-effect is that the museum was closed. We went to the Old Courthouse Museum instead, which DH and I found fascinating, while the girls were only mildly amused. Still, we learnt a lot, and they really enjoyed the life-size exhibits of what Durban used to be like, so that was awesome.

This week was deadline week for me. I have a client who has a newsletter that goes out in the last week of every month, and this week is it. Still, we managed ok, although DD#1 is really starting to bog down in the ACE assessments, especially English. She whizzed through Science, interestingly enough.

We did take them with us to see a client, which was great. The client is a clothing manufacturing and printing factory near us. Not only did the girls learn a lot, they got to take home some fabric scraps too. They’ve been stapling together Barbie clothes all day!

I was hoping to take the kids to Green With Envy’s Spring Day morning on the 1st (next Wednesday), but I think we’ve missed the deadline. *Sigh*


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  1. […] lesson. After that we had an unexpected jaunt to the Museum of Natural Science, which was open this time . This is where the serendipity comes in: we managed to get up close to a whole range of building […]

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