Home business, home education and health challenges: what makes us tic?

Me time.

It’s a beautiful, sunny Saturday and I have accomplished a lot. For one thing, I’ve updated this blog, at long long last. For another thing, I have placed my first Oikos order: excited!!

Actually, that’s not so much.

This week hasn’t been great for school. It’s that week of the month when I’m full of deadlines, so the girls have been left to their own devices a little bit. Mostly colouring in, reading, drawing, painting and cutting out stuff. Also, lots of computer games. I’m sure Moshi Monsters and Littlest Pet Shop are educational.

DH took the DDs out for the morning, to uShaka, which can only have been totally awesome. It was wonderful to have some space for ME (although the house is a tip and I really should have cleaned up!). Now it’s my turn: they’ve just come home and I will take the girls out so he can prep for his sermon tomorrow. I think this arrangement will work really well.

But I’ll have to work my derriere off tonight to catch up. Still it’s been worth it.

My beloved family has just come home, and they’re telling me all about it. I’ll have to get the DDs to do another project all about it.


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