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Just So.

The joy of our current path in life is that I have been reawakened to the important things in life. One of these things is good, solid literature. Beautifully written stories with excellent grammar and proper, English language, that take a few nights to read all the way through. Stories without illustrations, that use the imagination as the big screen TV. In fact, the girls recently told me that they love bed time stories, because it’s exactly like watching a movie, but inside their heads. Exactly what I love to hear!

For Christmas one year my loving sister gave the girls a beautiful copy of Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book and The Just So Stories in one volume. We’ve been reading the Jungle Book, and have just started on the Just So stories. Oh wow – imagine being under 10 and hearing it for the first time! The tingles! The exhilaration! The Best Beloved and particularly remember the suspenders and hats that reflect the rays of the sun in more-than-oriental-splendour. It’s magic, and so deeply satisfying to watch the stories come alive in their minds as they listen to the beautiful, lyrical words and picture the stories.

Thank you, Rudyard Kipling, for this literary gift. And thank you, DS, for buying us a copy.


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  1. Anytime. Don’t forget that I also got them the complete Narnia chronicles….

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