Home business, home education and health challenges: what makes us tic?

Real little Sew-and-Sews

This week has been a better school week so far. On Monday we had a full day of English and Maths, and just a little Social Science for good measure. A good friend of mine, (who also happens to be a highly qualified and experienced foundation phase teacher), popped in for coffee. I was excited to show her the files of work we’re doing, and the reports I’m keeping, and particularly delighted that she seemed to think I was on the right track. In fact, she’s asked for some of the source material I used to incorporate in her own work, which is so encouraging.

Since we started home schooling, I’ve had a lot of support, but also some resistance. This resistance has mostly been unspoken, but there’s a certain look, or set of the body, that gives it away. Especially from traditional educators. Besides the socialisation issues that always come up, there’s been a long-held view that I’m too disorganised and frenetic to give the girls what they need.


So I must confess to certain amount of smugness at the implied approval and support I got on Monday 🙂

On Tuesday we went through the basics, with the girls finishing up their uShaka news (pics to come). I had a meeting with a client, Fabric & Textile Warehouse, and on my way out I bought some fabric, felt, thread and lace for projects at home. So yesterday we just spent the whole days sewing. It was SUCH fun! We made finger puppets and Barbie clothes. The girls made Littlest Pet Shop land, and we started a quilt.

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The skills we all acquired or improved include:

  • Tracing
  • Drawing
  • Cutting
  • Sticking
  • Drawing on fabric with marker pens
  • Measuring (with rulers and eyes)
  • Pinning
  • And of course, sewing (hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, finger dexterity, perseverance).
I was very impressed with them; they really did a good job.
I also made the most of the opportunity to start fixing some of their clothes, something I intend to do more of in the weeks ahead.
Next project, I think: knit-a-square.

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