We LOVE Open Source

I suppose that for people who know us it goes without saying that our progeny will demonstrate a certain amount of computer literacy. The fact that Daughter #1 can practically work in my agency as a competent graphic designer (age 9!) is perhaps slightly less expected. Her sister isn’t far behind, racing through the levels of her educational games in minutes, rather than the prescribed days. But the simple fact is that they are prodigious, and I don’t care if saying that aloud makes me one of those moms. (I do try not to say it when they can hear me).

This week my DH discovered a treasury of awesome open-source educational tools on his Ubuntu upgrade. These include TuxPaint, which we know and love already, and a wide range of other goodies. There are matching games (numbers, images and even sounds). There are maths games, which involve solving equations (which is what they’re called in our house 😉 ) before the asteroid carrying the equation lands on a penguin’s igloo and (eventually) disintegrates it! There are word recognition games that become more and more complex, and a host of other, FREE tools!

This means that while the girls have already honed a lot of computer skills and “school” skills every day on our computers, they have now got access to even more educational stuff that they can do easily, for free – and they love it! What I love best is that they almost invariably wake us up before 5AM with a gentle request to use our computers for games. Now, when we say “yes”, I can go back to dreamland, content in the knowledge that for them, school has begun.

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