Home school: week 13

I can’t believe we’ve already been doing this for 13 weeks! The time has whizzed by and I certainly don’t think we’ve covered 13 weeks worth of “school”. Of course we’ve done a lot of other, equally important things (at least to my mind). For instance, we’ve overcome the dread of learning the girls seemed to have (especially DD#1). We’ve established a kind-of-a routine and created a space for school. Both girls have made massive strides in reading and overcome barriers in maths. We’ve learned more about each other and more about having a deep and meaningful relationship with God. And we’ve all learned how to chillax.

So that’s progress, right? And a huge step forward was choosing – and getting – our Konos curriculum from Oikos. This will form the backbone for all our learning in the months and years ahead, and marks a significant turning point in our journey. Besides, when schools close in 3.5 weeks time, we don’t. So maybe we’ve only done 5 weeks’ worth of school, but while everyone else takes 4 or 5 weeks off, we’ll probably only take 1 or 2. And because our other work slows down at this time of year, we’ll be able to make up a lot of ground. Hopefully.

This week, however, has not been a good week for school. In fact, it started last week, when our one and only car burst into flames and burnt to the ground. That’s not a figure of speech. We found ourselves literally stranded and deeply distracted for the remainder of the week. Thank God our prayers were answered by my dear and amazing in-laws, who gave us their spare car – the second time they’ve done this! Still, losing a car so dramatically, 60km from home is never fun. Thank God no one was hurt.

This week started with a flurry of work followed by the most hectic migraine I can remember having – complete with two days semi-conscious in bed and even a spell of throwing up! (Sorry to share). I really don’t think it’s ever been that bad before. Now, of course, I am four days behind in my work, and school has taken a serious knock. I’m feeling seriously frantic about how in the world I will ever catch it up, so if you’re reading this, please keep me in your prayers.

But when we do get back to school, it’s going to be a lot of fun. We’re doing the unit called Orderliness and it involves (among other things) building a family tree and constructing buildings from various materials. As an auxiliary to this unit, we’re reading Miss Happiness and Miss Flower, which ends with a plan for making our own Japanese Dolls’ House. This is something I’ve wanted to do ever since I first read the book when I was about 11 years old, so I am REALLY looking forward to reaching the end.


One thought on “Home school: week 13

  1. I LOVED that book growing up – must have read it at least ten times. Have fun! And good luck with all the other stuff – if you need me to do anything (like take the girls to the library for the morning one Saturday) – just shout.

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