Lightbulb …

Don’t you love that moment in Despicable Me when Gru realises something important and says “Light-Bulb” in that delightful Romanianish accent, with a lippop at the end? It’s one of my favourite moments in cinematic history – right up there with horse heads in palacial sleeping quarters, and … I’m out. . It’s 2:30 am and I’m fresh out of film fanaticism. Please forgive me.


The reason I mention Gru is because I myself have just had a light-bulb-uh moment, and I’m sharing it with you. Here it is: domestic goddessery and old-fashioned craftiness are time consuming! Oh my goodness. All these years I’ve been beating up on myself for not taking the time to sew this and craft that and cook the other, only to realise (finally) that it’s because I actually don’t have the time to take.

Today is a good day to realise this. The reason I am up at 2:30 am is because of a sequence of events:

  • I thought it would be cheaper to make rather than buy a gift for the Church Ladies’ Tea tomorrow. (Four hours later at my hourly rate, plus raw materials at more than the upper limit for a gift purchase succesfully proves me wrong).
  • We had a friend round for dinner and I made a wonderful chicken curry (my personal best) and disastrous brownies (a real low point since the left overs were supposed to be my edible contribution to tomorrow’s tea, so my Saturday just became seriously compressed). (On the other hand, it was so lovely to catch up!)
  • I promised my daughter I would mend her pretty party frock before tomorrow. (My sewing is getting SO fast and SO neat since I started home schooling!).
  • And finally, I just remembered that I’m supposed to be orchestrating a Bible Trivia Quiz at the Tea tomorrow, and I haven’t done ANY prep. Yikes.
My problem is not so much that I can’t say no. It’s more a case of saying yes before being asked, with absolutely no ability to contain my runaway tongue.
I’m helping with the set up tomorrow at Church, and clean up after. I also have to sort out my house and make something edible to take along.
Oh, and did I mention I need to send out a massive emailer, create two websites, write and upload a third, and magick an entire news portal by Monday?
Now I’ve overwhelmed myself. I’m going to stop blogging, finish this dress, Google “quick and easy Bible Trivia Quizzes (KJV)“, and go to bed.
Night all.
(oh, just a quick aside: I can’t say more about what I made for the Ladies’ Tea because my sister reads this blog and she might get it, but I will say I’m pretty proud of how it turned out (provided the glue holds), and I hope whoever gets it is delighted. Although I will settle for just pleased.)

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