A working solution? We’ll see …

This week hasn’t been too bad, school-wise. We’ve managed to achieve a full week of school in only four days. (On Wednesday I had some urgent deadlines I had to get through). I don’t intend to work tomorrow so I can’t “catch up” work or school then. This means I have to finish today, which could prove tricky.

Having said that, I think we may finally have found a solution that works for time management in our household. (Blogging doesn’t theoretically feature, incidentally). We just started today, and it kind-of happened by accident. Let me sketch the scenario: ever since starting home schooling, I’ve been convinced that I could wake up at 3:00 and work until 6:00. Then it would be breakfast and Pilates, ablutions and getting dressed, with school starting somewhere between 7:00 and 7:30. Four hours of school would follow, with snack breaks, and lunch around 11:30/11:45. After lunch, I’d work until 16:00, make supper, feed the family, read a bed time story, and get back to work for another few hours. That way I could work for about eight or nine hours every day, and still fit in school and a bit of exercise.

The problem is, I’d never wake up at 3:00, and I’ve been battling to work after 21:00. So in reality I’ve only been fitting in about 6 hours a day of work, if that. And if I have a deadline, school is on the shelf until I’m done. (Yes, I know eductaion is vitally important, but so is having food to eat and a place to sleep).

So, today …

Because it was so hot yesterday, by the end of the day I needed a bath, even though I’d bathed in the morning. This meant that when the day dawned bright and cool this morning, I could simply get-dressed-and-go. We had vitamins and bananas in bed, and started school comfortably snuggled in the girls’ room at 6am. We finished about half an hour ago, at 10:00. In that time we caught up the missed day, had a lovely Bible study and even squeezed in some extra stuff. It was great, and now I can work flat out until about 5pm, and have achieved 7 solid hours. On a normal day I don’t go out in the evenings, and if this was one of those*, I’d be able to get in another two hours of work between dinner and bed, and still get an early night. I seriously think this may be a winning solution to our time management issues. The girls and I are all best at school stuff in the morning, and I am best at “work” from about 10:00 onwards. I’ll keep track and report back.

*However, tonight I’m going to see Celtis in Musgrave, and I am seriously excited. It promises to be amazing!

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