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One of them weeks agin

From a “glass-half-full” perspective, this week has been one of tremendous blessing. We have so much work we literally can’t keep up, and are starting to consider hiring staff! If we get through it all we’ll have one of the nicest Christmases we’ve had in some time, and I am so thankful to God for that.

However, having this amount of work requires a lot of actual, literal work. An average of about 12 hours a day, at least. And of course, what takes second place? School.

We had three pretty good days this week: Monday to Wednesday were characterised by fairly thorough Maths and English. But Thursday and Friday were characterised by games and TV and After Care. *Sigh*. Bad Mommy.. I’m even giving up my Sabbath to work, taking Sunday instead. (I hope it’s okay to do that *yikes*).

And as an aside, perhaps I should mention that in the third official week of our new Curriculum, I actually have no idea what I’m doing and I really wish I had opted for a simple: do-this-thing-on-this-day type of arrangement …


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  1. […] even though I made a commitment a couple of weeks ago to NOT work on the Sabbath, I have a TON of work that is due by the end of tomorrow, at least 50 hours’ worth, and if I want any chance of a […]

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