They grow up so fast.

My oldest daughter today made it official that she no longer believes in fairies. She called a private meeting with me – I even received a formally written invitation (“Meeting Mommy”) so that her sister wouldn’t hear. My darling daughter has a plan to keep her younger sister’s “faith” alive through a complicated series of device strung around the garden, involving lights and bells and cinnamon smells.

When I questioned her about this turn of events, her response was:

“I mean, if God already made something in His image, why would he go and make something else, beautiful, yes, but half HIS image and half, like, bug. It doesn’t really make sense.”

She also no longer believes in mermaids:

“Well, the problem with mermaids is that – ok, are they vertebrates or invertebrates? They can’t be both, and they kind of are. So I don’t think they actually exist.”

I neglected to point out that fish are vertebrates. I think she was going for mammal vs. non-mammal, but I can’t be sure. It was just too cute to correct.

I love the sweet simplicity of it all. I knew this day would come eventually, but I’ve never pressed the issue, for two reasons:

  1. I love the sweetness of it and believe that fantasy and imagination are hallmarks of a healthy childhood; and
  2. I didn’t want her sister’s childhood to end too soon, and suspected that she would let on if she found out.
I’m a little sad that she’s such a big girl already!

(Of course, unicorns DID exist, but were hunted o extinction for the supposedly magical properties of their horns. As we all know).

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