Home business, home education and health challenges: what makes us tic?

The pursuit of happiness.

Nothing makes me happier than teaching my kids. I’ll admit that leisurely chats over fresh, hot tea with my darling sister are a close second, but I really love the time I spend with my girls each day as we discover the miraculous world we share.

Mondays are, well, interesting. We start the day with a morning’s business training and on-site work. My planny-plan is to start the day early with 2 hours of school, spend 4 hours at training, then squeeze the remaining 2 hours of school into the early afternoon, just after lunch. After that I should have 3 hours of work available before supper, and at least 2 more after story time. A total of 7 if you factor in the fact that half the morning is me being trained, and the other half is me doing training. Not too shabby.

Needless to say, so far we only just manage to rush into training on time, having squeezed in no school whatsoever. Still, each day gets better and today DD#1 asked if I could tell her what needed to be done and she would make sure that she and her sister did it. To my great surprise, they pretty much did. Only a small amount of input was required from me, and even though the work done only amounts to about a third of what needed to be done today (and we went shopping then to lunch, so it’s all the work that was done today), I was pleased and satisfied with the results. The level of maturity demonstrated really is significant when compared to six months ago.

We’re studying attentiveness this term in Konos, and it’s a delight to see how concentration really is a learned behaviour and, by Jove, they’re learning it – eagerly!

Later, that same day …

After dropping off the groceries (and DH) at home, it was time to go to the library, pay my inordinate late fee, and get the books I need for school this week. (The size of the fee is entirely my fault, I might add). DD#2 elected to stay home and have some “Daddy time” (code for “Computer Games”), while DD#1 was lured by the call of the jungly gym outside the library, and came with me.

You probably already know this, but just in case you don’t, or you’ve forgotten, I’m paranoid. I would NEVER let my kids play outside on the jungle gym without me being right there with them. I practically had a panic attack when DD#1 went to the loo by herself, even though she assured me, palms raised in earnest of truth, “It’s ok, Mom. I can handle it.” So she had to wait with me while I tried to fathom the workings of the juvenile shelves at the library in an attempt to find the books I needed, before she could play outside for a few precious moments.

Then, books in hand, we headed outdoors. Since there was just her and me, I played on the apparatus with her. We see-sawed. We raced the swings to see who could reach the highest height first. We climbed the jungle gym all the way to the top to see what we could see. What struck me forcibly was the complete sense of timelessness. All of a sudden, I was in my element. Carefree, and 10 years old, with wind in my hair and nowhere to be. While part of my brain knew I was responsible for the golden elf at my side, most of me felt utterly equal to her: a friend I made at the playground, chatting about interesting things and imaginary places; speculating about the grown ups at home and wondering if we could dance in the rain (if it showed its face at all). It was wonderfully liberating, and I was happier for that quarter of an hour than I remember being in a very long time.

I might just do it again tomorrow.


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