School Express

This week is Deadline Week. That means I’m very busy and have less time than usual for school. What I found last year was that when I gave the girls the week off so that I could earn an income, we fell far behind in school work. We ended up having to do a lot of extra work to catch up, and we had to do a pretty serious mental adjustment each time to get “back in the zone” for school. I also found that the girls didn’t relate too well to the change in routine, and would end up grumpy and fractious by the end of the week.

In short: it didn’t work.

As an alternative, this year I’m trying something I refer to as “School Express”. A typical school day takes anywhere from five to eight hours, and is pretty comprehensive. We cover Bible studies, social studies, maths, phonics, reading and some writing. It takes time.

This week, we’re doing the “Lite” version: almost as much work, but in three hours or less. We still do Bible studies, phonics and maths. We cover social studies but in a less detailed way. And we read FAST. It’s amusing trying to twist my tongue around  the ancient Hebrew names and less ancient King James English at high speed, but it makes the girls laugh and they seem to recall a lot of it, which is good.

Another solution that seems effective is to find something comparable to what we should be studying, and show it on DVD. For instance, right now the girls are watching the ballet of Midsummer Night’s Dream. When they’re done, I’ll read the story to them (the abridged PDF), and then they’ll paint pictures of it. So we get art, literature, music, history and a little bit of dance. All while I get some work done. Oh, and update my blog 😉

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