Home business, home education and health challenges: what makes us tic?

Unexpected blessings.

We are busy. We have work coming out of our ears on all sides. In fact, we’re so busy, we decided it was time to get help of some kind. In particular, a lot of adminny work was being neglected, and since some of this is for paying customers, that’s not really okay.

As it happens, two of the young men in our Church have been on the prayer list since the beginning of the year, looking for work. One of them has shown an interest in graphic design and IT support (pretty much what we do), and happens to have his own, brand new laptop. Since the work we need to have done is mostly data capture into MS Excel, a computer is essential.

On Monday, we invited him to come and work for us on daily basis, and we’ll see how it goes. So far, it’s been such a blessing. A lovely disposition, willing heart and aptitude to learn, as well a good work ethic, have made it a pleasure having this staff member (so far :)).

Today he proved himself even more useful: as Sports Coach! I was horrified last week to discover that the government mandates two hours of physical education each week. It’s been worrying me a lot that the girls don’t get any physical exercise at all, but perhaps we now have a solution. After school this morning, Our Young Many (OYM) took the girls into the front garden and taught them to kick and throw balls at specific spaces. It was SO good for them. They had a blast and while I watched through the kitchen window (“making lunch”, I called it), I felt a weight of anxiety lift from my shoulders.

A few other little blessings have snuck their way into our lives this week:we have found a small, affordable, girls-only after care just two blocks from our house, where the girls can spend a few hours in the afternoons playing with their friends and swimming. Again, I was concerned that they weren’t swimming enough, but problem solved!

And finally, there’s a drama club across the road from our house. They’re welcome to join (for a VERY small fee), and the lady who teaches is a talented and accomplished actress with a heart for God. DD#1 has been begging for drama lessons for ages, and now perhaps her prayers have been answered.

What amazing blessings! All we need now is a ballet teacher for DD#2. I’m working on it.


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