The start of another week. Eek.

Sunday, the first day of our week, is typically a very busy day for us. I plan the school week ahead, we compare diaries, and try to figure out who gets the car on which days, and how we can keep all of our promises. It’s not one of my favourite days, I confess.

This week we’re supposed to study pioneers and tracking and that kind of thing. Of course, the American material I’m working from fails me in this field. How can I teach the children about their own ancestors, and the history of the land they call home? How do I know what to tell them: how much information? How much detail? What can they handle? What do they need?

Where do I even start?

And because my middle name is Murphy (I just found out!), this week is insanely busy in terms of work, too. So I somehow have t answer the above questions and meet my deadlines and, in the middle of all of it, stay solvent and sane.

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