And another week …

Here we are again, at Monday. How did the last seven days shoot past so fast?

We’ve been studying the history of South Africa as part of our attentiveness unit. We’ve learnt about Strandlopers, Bushmen (San), Hottentots (Khoi Khoi) and early Nguni people. It’s fascinating stuff. The girls have drawn cave art and labelled a map of South Africa and Africa. They love Geography almost as much as I do.

Last week we finished reading the railway children and have just started on the life story of Louis Braille, aimed at children. It’s well written and they’re enjoying it thoroughly.

I, on the other hand, have hit that overwhelming slump that seems such a feature of my life at the moment. The combination of too much work, too little time, too much chaos and very little money at all, it sneaks up on me at random and unexpected moments, leaving me utterly paralysed.

I’ve just restarted my wellness plan, which may be contributing to my funk as my body detoxes itself. I expect to feel bright, focused, energetic and motivated in just a few short days! In the meantime I’ve made rearranged the house on paper, only to be bed-ridden at the thought of trying to find space for everything that doesn’t fit into the picture. I’ve cancelled a meeting, paid a bill, read the news online, and consigned the kids to play in their room. Their token “schoolwork” for today has been feeding the dogs (a first for them).

I’ll have to rouse myself from the depths in a few minutes to make lunch, then do enough work to bill enough to get paid enough to pay the rent. Please pray for me!

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