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Trust and Obey

Psalm 62.7-8: Trust in the Lord at all times.

Psalm 62.7-8: Trust in the Lord at all times.

There’s a lesson here … all the recent messages from on high have been the same: trust and obey. I first became aware of it last Wednesday, when we visited Oikos Home Base in the midlands. After a lot of talking it finally transpired that I have a fundamental trust issue (not exactly news), and we decided to switch to the Trust study unit, and come back again to attentiveness later on. We started on Thursday morning, kicking off with an interesting study on Satan’s deception in the Garden of Eden, and reinforced with a short animated movie on the subject. (Movies in the middle of the day, and people ask why the girls prefer home education!)

On Friday and Saturday we made magician’s cloaks for the magic show coming up later this week.

On Sunday (which was when I finally did my Sunday School prep – naughty naughty!), we studied Saul’s disobedience. King Saul was supposed to have waited for Samuel to bless the army before going to battle, but decided to perform the sacrifice himself. Samuel arrived as he finished it, and was deeply disappointed. (We all know how devastating a father figure’s disappointment can be. I really found myself feeling quite sorry for poor old Saul, despite his disobedience). The thing is that he was nervous that his army would be overrun if he didn’t launch a blessed offensive right away. He though being king gave him authority to do the preliminaries himself, and didn’t have faith in God’s timing. Such faith would have resulted in obedience, and ultimately victory.

Later, Saul led the Israelites against the Amalekites at God’s command. However, he completely disobeyed God by taking plunder for himself and allowing his officers to do the same. Thinking he and his men needed rewards for their valour and effort, he lost the greater reward that would surely have been his had he been obedient: a royal bloodline. Devastating, and how heartbreaking for Saul, Samuel and God, who knew what happened but gave Saul the chance to do the right thing. Sometimes being right is no fun at all.

Anyway, what was interesting was that the message from our home education this week, Sunday School, the Church Service and my own quiet times has been consistent: Trust and Obey. Even the morning devotions DH and I have started are saying the same thing.

It’s becoming clear that our lives up to this point have been about this lesson. Yes, there have been other lessons along the way, but this one is key and sort-of overarching. He WILL provide. In fact, it’s more accurate to say He DOES provide. He DOES comfort us. He DOES hear us. He DOES know each of our needs and hearts desires. He DOES have a plan for us, and He WILL bring it to pass. He IS God, with a capital Guh, and all that this name encompasses: Saviour, Counsellor, Lord, Master, Comforter, Friend, Provider, Brother, King.

It’s so phenomenal that it’s actually unfathomable.

Until we reach a place where having an empty fridge doesn’t tip us into bleak depression and black despair, we just can’t push through, and move on to the next phase. So I guess it’s time to take an honest, obedient leap of faith.

Memory verse for the week:

1 Samuel 15:22c “Behold, to obey is better than to sacrifice”


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