Home business, home education and health challenges: what makes us tic?

On Friday our weekend started early with a mid-afternoon play date at a friend’s house. The friends are a family we haven’t seen in months, who mean a lot to us, and it was so good to catch up. Next up: DD#2’s BFF spent the night – which included  pizza and giggles and fun had by all.

Saturday was my idea of the ideal mommy day: baking choc-chip cookies and making marshmallow treats; heading to the SPCA to look for our missing kitten (no luck), then buying three board games (for just R40!); heading home for a Tea Party then playing board games and painting the dolls’ house all afternoon. FUN! (In fact, I have to throw in an extra exclamation mark: !). The fun was followed by a wonderful coffee with a good friend, and then another sleep over (more fun!).

This morning we had a really fantastic Sunday School class, with a gorgeous group of giggling girls. Church was an inspiring Palm Sunday service, and lunch with the in-laws was delicious and relaxing and just plain lovely. After lunch we were treated to Haydn’s St Cecilia Mass at a beautiful Cathedral near us, which the girls survived remarkably well (including DD#2 clapping in her sleep when the performance ended!), and which we enjoyed thoroughly. Dinner happened at our favourite Golden Arches (so good arteries and blood sugar), and then home for a happy evening of work and Chuck.



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