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Sinking feeling.

This week we’ve been studying boats. There are different kinds, serving different purposes, and reflecting different levels of civilisation and technology. Using a boat for any purpose requires trust that the boat will do its intended function. The boat, therefore, needs to be trustworthy.

As I’ve mentioned before, we’re studying the unit on TRUST, so this stuff is relevant.

Finally, to wrap up the bit about boats, I set the girls a project. I gave them a simple brief (preparing them for projects now and ad agencies later):

Make a poster that displays different kinds of boats, then write a bit about each boat. Make the poster colourful and beautiful, but more importantly: make it accurate, informative and descriptive. This is NOT an art project.

The result was a very colourful collage featuring something they assure me is a canoe (even though it has a keel); a sailing ship (I am encouraged to see bright red sails, not bright red balloons, despite the shape and colour), and of course that most important of all ships: a Pirate Ship. This last, at least, bore some resemblance to the ships in story books.

By way of text, two clouds were cut out and pasted into the sky, one for each type of boat in the picture. The cloud about canoes says:


are made buy islanders.

Made with:

tree trunks

lether leather

somestimes leafs

The cloud about sailing ships says:


Are much the same.

But bigger and more
sails and made everyone.

When I pointed out that perhaps more data could have been helpful, and after all the project was intended to educate the viewer about what boats are, how they look, and what they do, I was met with bewildered silence. “But – it’s beautiful!” (this is true). “And – there are mermaids!” (So there are. When, pray tell, did we cover this in our studies?)

Later, as they were putting the final touches on their project, secure in the knowledge that I could not hear them as I was “working, I overheard this gem from nearly-7-year-old DD#2:

“But WE make boats that are from our IMAGINATION. Mom just likes us to do boring boats that someone else thought of before”

So there you have it. Clearly I’m doing something wrong, though what exactly that may be eludes me. Or perhaps it’s something so right it’s gone all the way around and just looks wrong because we’re seeing it from the other side. Here’s hoping …


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  1. Oh, I love that comment from your 7 year old!! I like the sound of the boats from imagination much better…though possibly wouldn’t want to cross a river in one 😉

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