Home business, home education and health challenges: what makes us tic?

Family portrait - please excuse the rushed photoshop.

Family portrait – please excuse the rushed photoshop.

… as is the naming of pseudonyms. But at long last my family has been upgraded from DH, DD1&2, and me. We are now: Papa Bear, Mama Bear, Goldilocks and Red Riding Hood. I realise DD#2 should be Baby Bear, but we have our reasons for the other (see below). And she’ll be “Red” for short.

Papa Bear is Papa Bear because he’s big and fuzzy and likes to hibernate. Goldilocks has been Goldilocks since she was born so, to tell the truth, it’s peculiar that the name has taken so long to reach my blog. She has golden locks, loves porridge (strange child), is a curious adventurer and not at all afraid of Bears. Red Riding Hood was named by her big sister when she was very tiny. If memory serves, she did in fact have a big, fluffy coat, completely inappropriate for our climate, and terribly cute. She likes to visit Granny and loves baskets and would certainly be diverted by someone suggesting she pick flowers on the way to Granny’s house – no matter how strongly that person resembled a Wolf. Although she’d never be taken in by a wolf in Granny’s nightdress. Once she’d finished laughing at the ridiculousness of his get up, she’d tell him off thoroughly. Let me assure you: once you’ve been told by Red, you’ve been told. And of course Mama Bear is me: always baking and ready to scratch your face off if you hurt my babies. Jus’ sayin’.

So that’s who I now mean when I use these pseudonyms. And this post is to remind me for when I forget.

(Hahaha – instead of pseudonyms up there, I just wrote pseudonums. Wonder what one of them is 🙂 ).

~ Mama Bear


Comments on: "The naming of cats is a difficult matter …" (3)

  1. […] around the home ed table that got me thinking, and inspired this post. My DDs (who finally have names, BTW). There’s a lot of back-story here, so please forgive me if I ramble just a […]

  2. Grasshopper Girl said:

    The first thing Red would say to the big bad wolf in granny’s nightdress, is a diatribe on the proper application of fashion.

    Cute post, lady!

  3. Grasshopper Girl said:

    Pseudonums: Those health bars that are supposed to be tasty AND good for your, but just end up being cardboard with added fibre.

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