Gospel Parables from Red Riding Hood.


I’ve mentioned before that my girls are great at parables, and I know I promised to share some of them here. The most recent one came from our youngest, who explained life to me in this way:

All the humans on earth are teeth, and we’re all covered with plaque. The person whose mouth we’re in is God, and he hates having dirty teeth. (Who doesn’t?) So He brushes His teeth with the Truthbrush, which is Jesus. The Truthbrush cleans us and removes all of our plaque, making us clean and shiny.

Unfortunately, not all the teeth want to be clean. Some of them stay plaque-y, get cavities and fall out. When they fall out, that’s when they die and go to (what she calls) “the Other Place”.

Isn’t it great? A little shaky around the teeth-making-their-own-decisions bit, but she is, after all, only six. I loved it.

It does rather give one pause for thought as far as Wisdom Teeth are concerned … are they the pastors?

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