Home business, home education and health challenges: what makes us tic?

A dear friend shared this link on Facebook recently. It comes from Domestic Kingdom, and it really made me think.

by Priya Samuel

This post is my personal application for the biblical text 1 Corinthians 13 – the famous “love chapter” of the Bible.

If I am charming and adorn myself with gold, pearls and costly attire, but do not love my husband, I am a
whitewashed tomb or a straw woman.

If I am intelligent, well versed in the Bible and eloquent in speaking it, but am a quarrelsome wife, I do not
love my husband and am like a continual dripping on a tin roof on a rainy day.

If I am beautiful or seek to make myself beautiful but have not discretion (either in speaking to my husband or about
my husband or if I am not discreet with our money), I do not love my husband and am like a gold ring in a pig’s

If I say I am godly, do Bible studies about the Titus 2 mandate, write blog-posts on “Love” and do not love my husband, I
gain nothing. I am like the creaking of a rusty gate or a sounding brass.

Love is gentle and quiet. Love is not fretful and fearful over my husband’s decisions.

Love trusts my husband’s headship because love hopes in God.

Love is not arrogant or rude. Love is respectful.

Love does not insist on its own way but submissive to my husband.

Love does not quarrel; love does not nag. Love seeks to do my husband good and not harm.

Love keeps no record of wrongs, but always remembers that my husband is God’s beloved, whose record of sins
have been forgotten by God through Jesus Christ our Savior and Redeemer!

Love doesn’t make presumptions but keeps the lines of communication open.

Love prioritizes my husband over my kids and hobbies.

Love doesn’t envy other women whose husbands appear to be perfect. Love doesn’t compare my husband with anyone else’s but
rejoices in God who in His sovereignty has blessed me with my husband.

Love helps me to preach the gospel to myself  and reminds me that while we were yet sinners Christ died for us, and while we were His enemies we were reconciled to God by the death of His Son. Love reminds me that God loved us as he sent his Son to be the propitiation for our sins when it seems difficult to love my husband.

Love is patient and overlooks minor offenses.

Love is not discontent or bitter when my husband fails in his role, but perseveres knowing that he is not perfect and
is just like me– a sinner saved by grace who is being sanctified into Christ-likeness and will not be wholly perfected in glory until the Lord returns.

Love protects my husband’s honor, at home and outside of the home.

Love prioritizes Jesus over my husband, knowing that is the best way to love my husband. Love seeks to please my husband in all things, pursues harmony and union in all things, and is supportive at all times and believes the best in him at all times even when I disagree with him. Love does not idolize my husband but loves Jesus more than him and is satisfied in Christ alone because He loved us first!

Love acknowledges that it can do nothing apart from Jesus and so runs to God for grace through Jesus Christ our High Priest that I may truly love my husband.

Love never fails. As for charm, it is deceitful; as for beauty, it is fleeting. Love endures!


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