In yesterday’s post I mentioned a milestone that I feel needs some of its very own “ra ra”. Goldilocks got her first bicycle nearly seven years ago, when she turned three. Actually, I mean tricycle, and she rode it gleefully for a little while, then used it as an armature for tents and the like. We were later informed by her godparents that by age three she should have been proficient on a trike and progressing to a small bicycle with training wheels. Ha ha ha, how we laughed.

Eventually, around her fifth or sixth birthday, we got such a beast, and upgraded it when she turned eight (I think) – thanks, Grandpapa Bear! We never could find training wheels for the bigger bike, so when Red Riding Hood got her own bicycle for her fifth birthday, the girls simply took turns sharing that one. They’re not very far apart in size and Goldilocks will accept a variety of adverse conditions (such as hunched up knees) if it means getting her way.

To the annoyance and frustration of both girls, their friends recently moved into a much bigger house, and with the extra garden space both kids almost instantly mastered bike riding. This was particularly irksome for Goldilocks, who is fully two years older than the older of the two friends. Red Riding Hood doesn’t seem terribly phased by the whole thing. We took their bicycles to their friends’ new place so that they could practise together. Instead, Goldilocks, Red Riding Hood and the youngest friend (only 4!) took turns riding Red Riding Hood’s bicycle!

We brought the bicycles home.

This Monday I decided to take the girls out riding, and get a good walk in for myself in the process. Since Red has training wheels, I focused on keeping Goldilocks upright. However, I confess to tricking her by only pretending to hold the handle bars. When she realised what I was doing, she simultaneously realised she was riding by herself. Her progress after that was meteoric, and by the end of the hour and a half that we were out, she had mastered starting, stopping, turning around, and going fast both uphill and down. She LOVES riding her bicycle now, and has so enjoyed going out with Papa Bear for the past two days, showing off her skills. Papa Bear and I are getting a good work out in the process, too.

That’s my big girl! I knew she’d get the hang of it when she was ready.

(Yesterday we finished her maths exam. 63.3%, which is not bad considering it was a Grade 4 exam and she is doing Grade 2 maths with me, to make sure all her bases are covered).

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