Round up of the month’s funnies

Spring is SPRUNG (can you believe it’s here already?), so I thought I’d start the month with the highlights from August.

Raindrops keep falling on my head

One afternoon this week, when a howling Berg Wind was making life decidedly tropical, the girls begged to be allowed to play in the garden with a water hose. We relented right away, with the proviso that at least some of the wilting plants should be watered at the same time. I was supposed to be working (on a Saturday, no less!), but the sound of splashing water and laughing angels was too much to resist and I had no choice but to join them. While we were running through the improvised “rain”, making rainbows (science lesson: check), and generally having a grand old time, young Red Riding Hood called out, “Sissy, if you pour that water on my face it will be totally uninappropriate!”

Don’t exhaust your primary means of transport

The day before that, on a trip to our local supermarket, Red Riding Hood decided to run ahead of us with a shout of, “Beat you there!”. Strolling casually along next to me, Goldilocks remarked, “Don’t run, Sissy. You’ll wear out your legs!”

Hark the – wait, who?

We were talking about the role of angels in heavenly warfare this week. (Yes, I know). It was an interesting discussion started by the curious young princesses, and if I recall correctly it was inspired by the day’s Bible reading. I’m not sure. They do, after all, ask the darnedest questions. I think we were talking about an Angel of the Lord appearing to one of the patriarchs, when Miss Goldilocks said, “Which angel do you mean? Like, Nigel or something?” Who?

Tics and fleas

This may be obvious to all you aural learners out there, but I must admit that, with my visual approach (I  see the words in my head as they’re said) I missed the connection completely. With our journey into Tourette Syndrome, we’ve been encouraging both girls to be open and honest about the condition. If someone asks, they explain that some of us have Tourette’s, a condition that gives us unusual tics and sometimes makes us make strange sounds.

I had told the moms of their BFFs so that they could explain in more detail to their daughters, but on a recent play date Goldilocks decided to explain it further to her BFF, who we’ll call Snow White. Snow White exclaimed in a wave of understanding, “Oh! TICs! My mom explained it to me but I thought she said you had FLEAS!”

I was tickled pink.


At After Care the girls insisted on building a house underneath the wendy house that’s there already, since this last is built on stilts. Irresistible. When the teacher on duty asked what would happen if the house collapsed on top of them, Goldilocks shrugged and said, “ah well. Closer to heaven.”

The price of success

Goldilocks mission in life is to find and climb the highest tree she can. At After Care she always clambers up the palm tree, trying to get ever nearer to the top. This week she made good progress, and was proudly telling me all about it when I fetched her. She told me: “I got pretty high this time, which was a great achievement. But as we know, with every success comes sacrifice,” and she proceeded to show me her ankled, which had a small, bleeding graze.

So solemn.

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