A little humour

Well, it’s only taken two days (and counting) to even begin to get organised. I have at least another two days of planning and prep to go – and only IF I cut some serious corners. I find it very overwhelming, sometimes, trying to fit my life and requirements into my available resources, but I guess that’s what good stewardship is all about. And let’s face it, if I don’t get organised ASAP, this year will be a disaster.

On a lighter note, young Goldilocks has embarked on that phase of life that includes creating jokes. They’re works in progress, and some are pretty dire, but she keeps refining them, and her sense of humour becomes more and more sophisticated with each one. Despite the cringeworthiness of some of her offerings, it’s a genuine pleasure to watch her grow.

Here are some:

“Why do authors not like stop streets?”
– They don’t have WRITE of way.

“Why was the Pirate excited to go to the store?”
– Everything was on SAIL.

“What frame of mind do you need to be in to travel on the river in Paris?”

Today’s reading:
Gen. 7-9; 1 Thess. 5 and Prov. 3
The Message:
We have what we need. Be content and happy.

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