Home business, home education and health challenges: what makes us tic?

My DFiL recently posted a link to this article on Facebook. Being a busy girl, I’m only about halfway through reading it. However, so far, it’s fascinating. The thoughts echo a lot of what I’ve come to think and believe in recent years: that a university degree is a piece of paper that buys you a job, rather than a measurement of competence and skill. Virtually everything that I’ve learnt in the last almost-twenty years has been self-taught: looked up, understood, tested, acquired. It’s the way I teach my children today, too. They ask me questions (millions) and I show them how to find the answers. We test the valiity of the answers in various ways and, the next thing you know we’ve all learnt something new.

Forward thinking universities like MIT and Harvard are leading the way in an entirely new approach to learning: online and (wait for it): FREE! After a certain amount of self-study, the student has the option to register for a competency certificate (for a small fee, of course). These certificates are set to carry more and more weight in years to come.

There’s a lot more to the article, and I recommend reading it, and sharing your thoughts and insights here – especially if I’ve gotten anything wrong.

Today’s reading:
Gen. 10-11; Job 1-5; 2 Cor. 5 and Prov. 4
The Message:
We create our own unhappiness by focusing on the negative aspects of life, rather than the positive. Just imagine if the thing you were complaining about right now (your poky little house, your lazy spouse) was gone for some reason. You’d be devastated, most likely, and give anything to be back where you are today. So live today as if you’ve just won back the things you have, rather than looking for something “better” all the time.

Remember: God see the heart.



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