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Father Heart

It’s Fathers’ Day. Papa Bear is getting a heaping plate of scrambled eggs and bacon for breakfast, with a steaming cup of coffee and a fresh fruit. In bed. I love him, my girls love him, and we want him to know that.

Papa Bear provides direction for our family. I don’t always agree with him (in fact, I’m often diametrically opposed to him!), and he’s not always right. But he points us in a direction and leads us that way. Often, all he does is approve a direction we’ve all discussed and agreed on together.

We’re all learning that everyone makes mistakes, and that’s a good thing. It’s a chance to grow and, on the journey of life, it offers opportunities for adventure. And along the way, we model upright living to our watching, growing children.

Our heavenly Father provides an even better role model. For one thing, He doesn’t make mistakes. Sometimes the path he guides us down seems scary and threatening, or just plain crazy. But He knows what He’s doing and, invariably, He’s right. He models patience as we rebel and resist. He models grace as we realise our mistakes and turn back. He models love in all He does.

Today, as I celebrate the wonderful dads in my life – my own, my husband’s, my children’s, granddads, and the spiritual fathers I’ve had along the way, I’ll be reflecting on the Father who started it all, gave me life, and helps me, moment by moment, to live it.

Happy Fathers’ Day!


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