Missionaries or Mission Fields?

A few weeks ago a missionary was speaking to us, and he said, “You’re either a missionary, or you’re a mission field”. His point was not that we should all be out in full-time service. Who would support us on the field? His point was that if we’re not supporting missionaries financially and in prayer, if we’re not supporting our church’s outreach efforts, and if we’re not actively winning the lost we know and love, perhaps it’s because we ourselves are those very lost.

Once we fully grasp the depth and the vast extent of the grace and love of our Lord for us, and for each soul on earth, how can we do anything but share that miraculous gift with everyone we meet?

The other day, Goldilocks was stumped by a verse in Proverbs that said that the righteous are better than the unrighteous. She pointed out that God says each of us is lost and sinful, and none of us is better than any other.

I explained it like this: we may not be better, but are we not better off? Is the person saved from drowning not better off than the one who is drowning still? And does that person, so recently saved from certain death, not have a duty and a responsibility towards his drowning fellow? Absolutely.

As we immerse ourselves daily in the Word of God, and every day ponder His precepts, we become completely convinced of His love for us and everyone we meet. We become convicted of His urgency in meeting the need for salvation in the lost. We are driven to do all we can to be part of His saving grace in the lives of those we meet. When we find ourselves caught up in pettiness: loss of joy, disputes over length of skirts and hair and beards, legalism and liberalism, we know we’ve lost sight altogether of our Maker’s plan, and it’s time to get back on track. Fast!

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