We live in a busy, busy world. There is so much clamouring for our attention, that it’s hard to hear a single sound through the hubbub. And if we can’t hear that makes it very hard to listen.

We need to listen.

When we don’t listen, we assume. Our children ask us an innocent question, and we answer something altogether unrelated. We receive an instruction, and do something different. We read God’s Word, but we miss His message.

When we love, we act. When we believe, we act. Our actions speak volumes about our hearts and minds, and if what we’re listening to is wrong, how we behave will also be wrong. We will be hurtful and mean. Thoughtless, and unkind. We will undermine the hope and confidence of others. When we choose to listen to negative and terrifying things, we will be afraid and overwhelmed – too scared to take action, or inclined to run away from where we need to be. When we listen to the filth of the world, we in turn become filthy. Our mouths spew garbage into our homes, and into our lives. Our actions betray teh decay we’ve allowed in.

When we listen to the lies of the devil and the lies we tell ourselves, we begin to hate and cease to love. We become suspicious, doubting the motives of those we used to love and trust. We stop enjoying fellowship with God’s people and begin to look on them with contempt instead.

Why would we choose this life of pain, deceit and suspicion, when we have a Way of love, truth and joy so clearly laid out for us, so easily available to us? All we need to do is to listen to the tender words of our Saviour as He calls us to Himself.

John 14:1 “Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me.”

John 14:6 “6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.”

Come running!

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