Freeing Truth

John 8:32 “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

A lot of my friends are lost. They don’t know the life-changing joy and peace that comes from a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. They have very good reasons for rejecting His offer of salvation, and I’m hopeful that as we work through each successive objection, we can reach a level of clarity that finally allows them the freedom to believe in the Truth.

What I find interesting, as we work through the various obstacles people face to believing in God’s Word, is the number of people who are reluctant to share their own beliefs or views, in case they offend me. I find it amusing at best, terribly sad at worst, to think that they’d even be concerned about that. Even if a person’s belief was that all Christians were deserving of death, why would I be offended personally? I’d be concerned for the safety of my family, obviously. Not to mention harbouring doubts about the person’s state of mind if they could think that any group, for any reason, is deserving of such a radical “treatment”.

But offended? No. No, I don’t think so.

You see, I am a truth seeker. I want to know the truth. I don’t want to believe in something because it is popular or comfortable. I want to believe in it because it is true. Why would anyone waste their time and energy believing in something that isn’t true, and can be disproved. Surely that’s a symptom of insanity?

And so, if you can show me the truth beyond any reasonable doubt, why should I not believe that? And if it is true, why should I be offended?

Once upon a time, I was very fat. Granted, I was very pregnant. But I was also eating upwards of two chocolate-smothered donuts every day, and loving every minute of my enormity. I accidentally dyed my hair black and cut it into a very straight bob. And I got mumps. I looked like a giant, solid block with a triangle on the top. So when somebody accused me of being a house, I wasn’t offended. I laughed out loud. It was true! I certainly resembled a very solid and poorly decorated house. It was my own doing, and how could I take offence against the truth?

Now, the Word of God is no donut. I don’t find The Way to be one of ease and comfort, nor particularly popular – with myself or others. But that’s not why I follow it. I follow it because I believe to my very core that it is the RIGHT Way. The ONLY Way. I hear the arguments against our brand of faith – in fact I welcome them in the search of truth – but nothing convinces me that God’s Word isn’t the sources of true Truth. In each case, something key has been left out of the equation. Having said that, I don’t think I’ve finished my search for truth – I don’t think I’ll be finished until I’m dead – so I suppose that anything could happen along the way. But if the God of the Bible continually proves Himself to me (and He does), what shall I do but believe? How could I not?

I know that some churches get it wrong. In fact, I guess most do, because each person gets something different out of the Bible when they read it with their own views and experiences in mind. And I know that can be confusing. But if you disregard all the churches and focus only on the Word, the Truth becomes plain. All the rest is needless frippery.

I believe that there is a God. I believe He created us and wants to speak to us. I believe He has spoken to us, and the Bible is one of only two books in the world that claims to be from Him. It is also the only one that stands the tests of science, history, geography and prophecy.  So I choose to believe that the Bible is the Truth. Based on this belief, I believe that all I need to know about how to live my life can be found in the pages of His precious Word. And the more I dig for Truth, the more I find this to be true.

If I am wrong, of course I’d want to know. I could never be offended by someone trying to help me find the truth, because we’re all on this journey together and should all give each other all the help we can. And in the same way, I will do everything I can to help those I love to find the Truth, as well. If that’s what they want. If not, I’ll pray for them until it is.

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