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Showers of Blessing

Yesterday at Church, our pastor preached an encouraging and uplifting message on the nature or trials and temptations. It was like a soothing balm to my soul, and I will definitely post my notes here tomorrow.

Something else happened this weekend, though, and I need to share that first. Recently my faith has been waning. The trials of recent times, coupled with my selfishness and poor attitude, have festered inside me until I had a great big wodge of bitterness in my gut. Not pretty. It had been one of those dry times where it felt like my prayers were just bouncing off the ceiling, not achieving much of anything.

Then, there was the refreshing sermon, reminding me of basic truths, and shining some perspective on recent events. I’ll link this post to that once it’s live.

Secondly, (and I really think this is what reassured me of God’s presence in my life, even when it feels like He’s far away), a good friend came up to me, gave me a hug, and said, “I want you to know I pray for you every single day. I pray for wisdom as you work and teach and keep house. I pray that you’ll have the time you need to do everything you need to do. I pray for your testimony, and that those around you all the time will understand that you’re human. And I pray for your health. I worry that you work so hard and don’t get enough sleep.”

Her words touched me so deeply, and stayed with me for ages. Even now, I feel their comfort and kindness. I was struck by her awareness of what I was going through, when I had (unreasonably) felt so very alone. And I was made palpably aware of how much we need to be reminded that we’re being lifted up in prayer, and the need to tell others the same. (Of course, it needs to be true!)

When you've lost your joy | Women Living Well

When you’ve lost your joy | Women Living Well

And finally, today, I stumbled across a book filled with wisdom, comfort and direction. And it’s free! It’s called “When I don’t Desire God“, written by John Piper. I subscribe to the Women Living Well blog, and this book was referred to in today’s post. Frankly, the picture on the blog post spoke to me, and I just had to read the rest.

The fabulous Courtney quotes the following from this well-timed book:


Then after the cry you wait. “I waited patiently for the LORD.” This is crucial to know: Saints who cry to the Lord for deliverance from pits of darkness must learn to wait patiently for the Lord. There is no statement about how long David waited. I have known saints who walked through eight years of debilitating depression and came out into glorious light. Only God knows how long we must wait. We saw this in Micah’s experience in Chapter Six. “I sit in darkness . . . until [the Lord] pleads my cause and . . . will bring me out to the light” (see Micah 7:8- 9). We can draw no deadlines for God. He hastens or he delays as he sees fit. And his timing is all-loving toward his children. Oh, that we might learn to be patient in the hour of darkness. I don’t mean that we make peace with darkness. We fight for joy. But we fight as those who are saved by grace and held by Christ.

When I saw that, I just had to read the rest, so I’ve downloaded the rest and I’ll dive into it tonight.

How good is our God, to take the time in the midst of my drawn out, slow-motion temper tantrum, to remind me that He is good. He is faithful.

He is there.


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