I choose joy

A couple of days ago I wrote about the way the Lord has quietly, gently and with infinite grace and mercy shown me His care and presence. That post led me to find a bunch of other really fantastic and uplifting posts and articles on the same subject, and I advise reading them all.They’re listed below.

But the one in particular that really spoke to me and rejuvenated my flagging spirits was this one: why I choose joy. It is a vital reminder that complaining is toxic to your family.

The author makes the very clear and concise statement that

Complaints are poison.

Unthankfulness is cancerous.

Criticism is corrosive.

The lives described in this post are saturated with joy – but not without hardships and trials. Some of these people have faced some of the most difficult things we ever have to deal with in our lives, and yet they still speak of the pervading joy they have in every facet of their lives. That is what I want. That is what I choose. That is why I will be resilient.

  • This post is an honest assessment of living with depression.
  • A genius compilation of brilliant quotes on the disciplines of being a Godly woman.
  • Here’s a post about the wisdom and necessity of praying for our children


– By Vanessa Davies – daily discovering Joy on a Shoestring.

Do you agree? Do you disagree? Do you think we can choose our outlook on life every day, or are we adrift at the whim of our circumstances? Id’ love to hear your thoughts (but please be nice).

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