Home business, home education and health challenges: what makes us tic?

The past few weeks have yielded revelations of long-denied truths, valiantly hidden from the forefront of my consciousness. Accepting the truth of the situation has been liberating in some ways and heartbreaking in others. It deserves it’s own unveiling, and will have that in the days ahead. But to start off with, this profound statement by James Gordon Gilkey has helped me strategise a personal response.

Only as we yield to the inexorable, only as we accept the situations which we find ourselves powerless to change, can we free ourselves from fatal inward tensions, and acquire that inward quietness amid which we can seek — and usually find — ways by which our limitations can be made at least partially endurable.


Why is [this] so difficult for most people? because most of us were told in childhood that the way to conquer a difficulty is to fight it and demolish it. That theory is, of course, the one that should be taught to young people. Many of the difficulties we encounter in youth are not permanent; and the combination of a heroic courage, a resolute will, and a tireless persistence will often — probably usually — break them down. Bu tin later years the essential elements in the situation change. We find in our little world prison-walls which no amount of battering will demolish. Within those walls we must spend our day — spend them happily, or resentfully. Under these new circumstances we must deliberately reverse our youthful technique. We must gain victory, not by assaulting the walls, but by accepting them. Only when this surrender is made can we assure ourselves of inward quietness, and locate the net step on the road to ultimate victory.

Read more about this author and his book, “You can master your life” on the ever-awesome Brainpickings.

– By Vanessa Davies – daily discovering Joy on a Shoestring.

Do you agree? Have you accepted certain immovable walls, or do you work to break down the walls that bar your way? Let me know what you think.


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  1. Mich-in-French said:

    Hi Vanessa

    I have just nominated your for the Super Sweet Blogger Award. It is my first and I have so enjoyed your blog and wanted to pass the love along your way. You can read all about it and accept your award at the link – hope you have a super sweet week.http://lessonsinfrench.wordpress.com/2013/07/15/my-sweet-and-unique-thank-you/

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