Cheap date

This has been a strange week. The list of things I react very badly to when ingested seems to grow by the minute. In a desperate bid to create even the vaguest hint of normalcy, this week I tried taking an antihistamine that many people had recommended to me as being the “only one with no side effects”. Well. Apparently I am SUCH a cheap date that even a single simple antihistamine can put me on my ear. I spent a day and a half feeling as though I’d had three glasses of wine and wrapped myself in cotton wool. Nothing in the world could penetrate, and all I could think was, “I have to drive later. I hope the world stands still by then – at least until I get home.” The drive from “work” to home is about 1km. So you see.

Now that I am beginning to regain consciousness, I know some key things:

  • I am allergic to coconut in all its forms
  • I am allergic to every version of biltong (jerky, but better. Exponentially better)
  • I can’t have commercially processed bacon, despite what I post on Facebook
  • I am allergic to nuts
  • I have really severe candida and can’t actually tolerate any sugar of any kind – even raw honey or fruit
  • I really can’t have any commercial meds and still expect to be functional

So my skin is bad, my brain is foggy and my abdomen aches with distention. My scope for caloric intake is impaired.

But at least we’re narrowing down both the issues and the options.

Sorry for having been quiet.

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