A special kind of different

As we discover more about the different learning styles I mentioned previously, I realise just how lucky I have been, and how I have been blind to my good fortune (or “blessedness”, if you prefer). Of the eight intelligences, I operate best in the mode most suited to learning in a classroom: words. I have all the tools to succeed academically. Lucky me! However, I form part of a group that comprises only about an eighth of the world’s population. In other words, 12.5%. The other 87.5% simply doesn’t learn well in “traditional” learning paradigms. The solution, these many years, has been to identify the lucky ones among as “gifted” and “dedicated” and “achievers”, and the rest as “problem cases”. As far as I can tell, the tactile-kinesthetic learners (those who need to move and touch and do and experience in order to learn) have the hardest time at all. A classroom is not the place for them. Not only is it incredibly challenging for them to learn in this way, but they are also demonised for trying to learn in their specific way.

Ironically, the tactile-kinesthetic learners are the polar opposite to me. If I can help it, I prefer NOT to touch or move, although I do learn by doing almost as well as by reading or hearing. And of course, guess which style both my children exhibit? Bingo.

So life is an interesting learning curve for all of us, as we focus on squeezing as much personal growth and development out of every moment of every day as we possibly can, experimenting along the way.

All of that is a giant and distracting preamble to the point of this post (*cough*ADD #JustSayin’) <– I can hashtag my own posts ‘cos I work in social media ;).

The point of this post is to share an article I read recently, which is very interesting indeed. It is “Take the green pill” : how to learn anything easily and effortlessly… by Joe Seeber. 

As he explains:

When it comes to learninghow to learn anything

… the most important factor is your mindset.

If your mind’s not right then you’re going to struggle with learning and grasping information.

This really resonates with me, and now more than ever. While I’ve never battled with academic learning, it’s been ages since I’ve applied myself to the process. In recent years I’d fallen prey to the notion that perhaps I was simply “too old to learn anything new”. Bah! Since I broke the shackles of that kind of thinking, my mind is full of new and fascinating ideas all the time, and I really feel like I could learn anything – even astrophysics – if I wanted to (and I kind of do).

But enough about me. Head over to Joe Seeber’s blog, read that article, and then tell me what you think in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you.

~ Vanessa

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