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So, I’m a little concerned

Today the girls and I were reading “An Island Story”, which we use as source material for History, Geography and English. We’re reading about Edward III and his son, the Black Prince. I always encourage the girls to ask questions as we’re reading, to encourage conversation and attentiveness. About halfway through, Goldilocks asks, “Mom, what would happen is nobody did what the king asked?”

Flippantly, I replied that the person would probably be put to death (This was 1346, after all!).

True to form, one question begets another. She responds, “But who would do it for him? No one listens to him.” (Clearly I’m not listening to her either). “Would he do it HIMSELF?!”

“I suppose so,” I concede distractedly.

“Okay, but what would he use? No one will make any killing machines because no one will do what he says.”

From her quiet (and suddenly ominously dark) corner, Red Riding Hood responded, deadpan, “There’s always strangling. And kitchen knives.”

We may never sleep again…


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