Home business, home education and health challenges: what makes us tic?

When your mojo is no-jo

I think I may be getting the ‘flu my dear staffer so kindly brought with her to work this week.


I need a T-Shirt with the following on the front:

Warning: you are now interacting with a mojo-free zone.

The dangers of interacting with a mojo-free zone have been well-documented as the result of extensive scientific research, and may include:

  • A sudden inability to brain
  • A decrease in desire to achieve goals
  • Steadily diminishing cognitive function
  • Dramatic and irresistible cravings for chocolate and/or carbohydrates
  • Maniacal laughter in the face of very important questions
  • Excessive intake of coffee


(And did I mention we’re out of coffee? Like that’s even a thing??)


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