Yes, you CAN home school and work full time. Be brave!

How to home school AND work

Yes, you CAN home school and work full time. Be brave!When I first seriously considered home schooling my girls, I did what I always do: RESEARCH. I spent hours online and in person, finding out who was doing what, how they were doing it, what motivated their choices, and what results they were reporting. And I always asked this question:

Can you home educate your kids AND hold down a job at the same time?

The answer was always the same: a resounding No!

I must have been looking in the wrong places.

It seriously deterred me, since we really needed my income. Finally I decided to do it anyway, and having made that decision, I began to find that I was not alone. Far from it. Many people home educate and work – either from home or from an office – and manage both with aplomb!

I wanted this post to be about how best to juggle the various roles and responsibilities we as mothers have – a “How To” if you will.While I was researching the content, I stumbled across pure gold, and frankly it’s so very good and useful that I am just going to give you the link: The Ultimate Guide to Home Schooling as a Working Mom.

I am our family’s bread winner and the girls’ primary care giver. When I got onto this line of research I was feeling rather sorry for myself and my “heavy load”, but I’ve found loads of ladies who are single parents, home educating and supporting their families. That’s just incredible, and I take my hat off to them.

This particular detour on my journey to discovery has yielded some delicious fruit. Specifically a sense of contentment, gratitude and blessing for all we have, and the opportunity to live this amazing lifestyle.

Go home-schooling-working-moms!

4 thoughts on “How to home school AND work

  1. I was a shame that home schooled for 3 years and must agree that working even outside the home should not deter anyone. Children are learning all the time and any formal lessons you want to teach can fit at any point in the day or evening. Enjoy your journey as it is a time that is precious. We stopped home educating when we returned to our home in England as school gave them a better chance I finding new friends but I do miss having that time with them and the gentleness of the learning. They are all happy in school again though so in some way I guess our educational foray worked out.

  2. Wow, thank you so much for sharing that post! When I wrote it in 2012 I was feeling more certain than ever that YES, it could be done. It’s funny, this week I was having a lot of doubt, and I saw your link, went back and reread it, and gave MYSELF some good advice. THANK YOU for renewing my faith. We can do it – and you ROCK!!! 🙂

    1. Thanks for reading my post, and especially thanks for writing yours. It has been so helpful to me and my friends this week 🙂

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