Home business, home education and health challenges: what makes us tic?

When in doubt: do!

Yesterday I spoke about the juggling act involved in working and home schooling at the same time. Part of what started me on this line of research was that I keep having this nagging feeling that I’m doing something wrong, or doing the wrong things.

I think I now have it figured out*:

  • I doubt my path when I should trust and persevere
  • I think a bumpy ride means a bad choice when it just means “getting started”
  • I haven’t specialised
  • I expect to have “normal” working hours/breaks etc

If I take the view that it’ll take 5 years to build what I need, and those five years will be hard and focused and awesome, and we’ll all be OKAY at the end of it, I can focus and excel.

This article addresses this topic, and is a brilliant resource for parents who work AND home educate their children.

when in doubt - do


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