Home business, home education and health challenges: what makes us tic?

By the bootstraps

Alright. Today’s the day. I have decided to be well, as of now. I made lists and asked pointed questions and devised schemes, and I think I have a solution. Even if what I think will work turns out to be wrong, at least I am doing something, on the pathway to getting it right.

And that’s good.

My first question was:

What five things about my life right now do I wish were different?

  1. I wish that, every month, we had enough. I wish I never had to lose another moment of sleep or joy worrying about whether there is enough in the fridge for my family for the day, or enough in the bank account for the rent and bills. (Don’t we all?)
  2. I wish my kids could get all the input and stimulation they need: music lessons, art lessons, dance classes and horse riding and swimming. Or even just one of these.
  3. I wish I spent more time with the girls.
  4. I wish we had insurance.
  5. I wish I was happy.

So, I can start with number five and just be happy. I know it’s not as easy as all that. But I also know that it is. I know I can pull up my boots, focus on my faith, count my blessings and choose joy. So I choose joy.

Just for today.

Tomorrow can take care of itself.

I have enough food to feed my family and myself. We all have warm, comfy clothes on, and the clothes are clean. And they (kinda) fit. I have the sound roof of a lovely home over my head. I have a computer with internet access. I even have coffee. Just for today, I have enough.

Tomorrow I will think about what I have then. And it will probably be at least as good.

I choose joy


  1. Thank God for my blessings
  2. Make a realistic To Do list and accomplish at lest five things on it.



Comments on: "By the bootstraps" (3)

  1. Thank you. This comes just an hour after my card was declined and during a conversation with my dh about next month’s budget. Especially thanks for the link to the verses as it was all just what I needed in this moment.

    • Joy on a Shoestring said:

      Wow. I’m sorry to hear about that. I hope this was helpful, and humbled to think it could have made a difference. Thanks for taking the time to be in touch.

  2. […] I started my journey to happiness with the five things in my life I wish were different right now. Two of the things I wish for involve my girls: I wish I had more time with them, and I wish I […]

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