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Vote Odin!

I don’t like to talk about politics, and I generally avoid doing so at all costs. When I was young and revolutionary, this was not the case. I loved to debate and argue and pick apart and understand.

Now? Not so much.

To be honest, when I think about the politics of this country, I feel despondent. We don’t just face a massive equality gap and incredible class differences. We also have cultural differences that just seem impossible to reconcile. Don’t get me wrong, I love the diversity. it would be a tragic loss to try to amalgamate all this richness of heritage into one homogenous, coffee-coloured (ah … coffee …. wait, where was I? Oh yes) one homogenous, coffee-shaded latté at the cost of the more extreme fringe elements.

But everyone is so different (which is good) and everyone wants such different things (which is problematic at best), that it seems (to my limited mind) well, unlikely, that there could be a solution that satisfies everyone and creates the equality we need without impinging on the diversity we celebrate.

Add to that is the scourge of politicians who make promises they never keep (I know that’s a cliché), and when their empty promises win elections, not only do they conveniently forget having made the promises in the first place, they then proceed to massacre what little “good faith” their constituents had in them in the first place by embarking on a rampage of corruption and self-aggrandisement that beggars belief (and the rest of the country, too)!

You see why I avoid the subject if I can. I prefer only to dwell on problems I can actually solve.

But now, huzzah! Thanks to the internet, I believe we have a solution:

Vote Odin: The Promise-Keeping Politician

Vote Odin: The Promise-Keeping Politician

What do you think? We may be a little late for this year’s elections, but perhaps by the next round of voting we’ll have enough support, and Frost Giants will be well and truly a thing of the past.

Chant with me, “RAGNAROK! RAGNAROK!” I can’t hear you in the back there: come on! Let’s get behind this!


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