Without vision the people perish

There’s a Bible verse that explains that people need to be led. Yes, I heard it, I know how it sounds.

I am a somewhat anarchistic semi-socialist (honestly), but I really do believe that people need a strong leader to show the way. I may delve into why I believe this is true at some later stage, but for now, let’s all pretend to agree on this and just see where it goes.

Now, as it happens, I believe that this need to be led is true at every level of society, and it starts in the most basic building block of society: the family. A family needs a vision. A family needs to be headed somewhere, and they need someone brave and determined helping define where that somewhere is.

Families are put together by design, and the right mix of personalities in each unit becomes a potent recipe for success. Each person is unique, even in families which usually share so much, from cultural heritage to genetic blueprint. (No, I’m not saying we’re all a bunch of in-breeders, but in a family like ours, with CF genes and autistic spectrum conditions, ADD, low muscle tone and really big hair on both sides, it starts becoming redundant to deny the fact that we share some common traits).

But even with all of our similarities, we’re all very different. The way we see the world, the things we value, what matters to us and what holds our interest varies, and makes us a well-rounded whole with a balanced outlook on life and enough compassion for every aspect of the world to make us an indomitable force for good. (Don’t ya just love juicy adjectives?)

Well, that’s the theory, anyway. The theory is that we all work together, contributing our unique strengths and ideas and perspectives, to carve out a specific goal, and then we all work together to achieve that goal, with our fearless leader at the front, hacking away the brambles and showing the way to our shared objective.

What do you think? Is that how it works, or have I missed something along the way?

Despite my love of words, it seems I have a deficit of verbal skill and I am absolutely hopeless at communicating this view orally. Writing it down helps to unravel my brain, but it certainly doesn’t bring clarity.

And so, the people perish. Because we simply don’t have a vision. We don’t have a target, an end-point to our journey. We’re on a road but we have no destination. If our family was one of the great Houses of Westeros, our words would be, “Let’s wait and see what happens”. Our sigil? Hmm … I guess it’d be a thing that waits. Like a sloth. Or a Venus Fly Tap. A sea anemone perhaps. Something that hopes to progress by simply clinging to a rock and letting debris float into its open maw.

Yep. An anemone is definitely it.

House Worrywart
House Worrywart

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