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Today, you're a hero. Thank you.

Today, you’re a hero. Thank you.

I have had the most AWESOME genius brilliant AMAZEballs idea EVER. In. The. World.

I am going to advertise happiness.

Here’s my thinking (it’s convoluted).

(For a change).

Studies show that when we tell people that lots of people do a certain thing, even a bad thing, more people do it.

For instance, that “1 in 4 men is a rapist” campaign has backfired and now it’s more like “1 in 2.5 men”.

It’s that old chestnut, crowd mentality (also referred to as GroupThink) coming home to roost.

So I want to use that for GOOD.

I am a marketer.

I can write.

I can design.

I know how to use the online space and I have a gut instinct for SOME things.

I’m going to CELEBRATE the awesome things on a GRAND scale.

I’m going to make infographics and articles and put them on my blog and social channels and hopefully people will start joining me and it’ll take off and everything will start being rosier.

Here’s my first one now.
Will you share it?



Comments on: "#BeAHero" (4)

  1. Fabulous idea!! I love it. Looking fwd to the next and will tweet.

  2. Awesome idea; positive reinforcement works better than negative after all. 🙂

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