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Tortoise Child

Long ago, before you were born, you had a name.
But the name was not yours.
It was ours: your Dad’s and mine.
It was our deepest hope.
It was our greatest fear.
It was our impassioned promise –
To each other …
And to you.

Tortoise Child.


Rich gift, full of days.

We wished it.

We bequeathed it to you.

When you were here,
and grown,
and could speak,

you did not like it.

The sound was pleasing …
But the meaning was not.

Your perfect nose crinkled in its perfect way.

“Tortoise child!”

You almost spat the words
in that sweet, refined, disgusted way you sometimes have.

“Why did you call me that?”

Because we  love you utterly.
Before you were here,
You were you.

And we have loved you.

We want never to lose you.

And that’s why we gave you the name …

With the hope ….

That in giving the name,
we were giving the thing itself.

Long life.

And now you have the name ..

And now you love the name.

You say that you intend to live up to it.

I have lived to see my wish granted –
short of days as you may be,
so far.

My precious Tortoise Child.


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